A Rat Sandwich On Moldy Bread | EoZ-03

Session 3 - Played Oct. 27, 2016

The Dungeon

When last we left our heroes, they had just crested a hill, seeing a large opening in the mountain that looks like a mine, and also seeing two goblin guards standing on either side of the entrance. The goblins start, and immediately turn and run inside.

Here ive included the map of this dungeon that I (the DM) used as reference for this session.

Dungeon Map Scan
This map was pulled from the amazing DysonLogos Patreon.

The players begin by heading slowly into the mine. They find an incredibly dark, tall, and long hallway. Moving about 30ft into the entrance, they stop and inspect for traps.

Quick DM note here, I gave the players sheets of graph paper instructing them that they would have to draw out the map themselves based on my descriptions if they wanted a map. Which they did want, very badly.

They see the walls are made of seamless stone as is the floor, with two exceptions: there appears to be some kind of stone tracks headed straight back into the darkness, and about 30 feet further into the mine, those tracks are bisected by a seam in the rock. A seam that looks a lot like a sidewalk crack. As they approach the crack, they also see that the hallway appears to end as the walls on either side give way in the form of a corner. John and Amofrey stay in the middle inspecting the crack, and Alben decides to follow the corner West (which is a right turn for the group). Alben finds himself in another large hallway, and decides to walk as far down it as he could, while maintaining visual contact with the rest of the party. At around the 30ft mark, Alben is suddenly attacked by two goblins.

The goblins get a surprise round on Alben, and even though he has DarkVision, he still wasn't looking for them, and the goblins WERE waiting for him to get close so they could ambush him. Only one goblin hits him with its attack, however the goblins also rolled the highest initiative, so they attack again. This time both hitting but neither doing much damage. Alben swings and misses, and then John come rushing over, he gets about 20ft from Alben and the goblins, and can move no further on his turn, so he decided to take out his hand axes, and throw one of them at the goblin nearest to Alben. John's axe sails through the air, and straight through the neck of the goblin, and into the darkness down the hallway.


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