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Since this blog is coming online after this campaign has started, I feel it necessary to provide an overview of sorts so there is still a written record of everything from the beginning.
As of this writing, we are entering into our third official session, however our first session was only character creation, and there was no new (non-backstory) adventure to be had.

Warning: long post WILL be long.

The Setting

This campaign (dubbed 'The Election Of Zaphod') is set in a modified version of the Collabris[1] campaign setting, developed in Matt Colville's streams on the subject, along with myself and several hundred other people.
I have changed several things from that original design and, of course, further fleshed out the world and its inhabitants. My world is titled Aiuun, and this campaign takes place on the continent of Raxia.


raxia map

For the purposes of this blog post I will avoid adding in full details of the world at large, and simply leave a place for you to find the details from his stream[1:1] . Along with my complete set of details and changes[1:2] .

Our Player Characters

Lets meet the adventurers and hear out their backstory shall we?

Played by Christa:

Amofrey Brightwood

At A Glance:

  • Half Elf (High-Elf/Human)
  • Wizard
  • Died Once
  • Still A Teenager

Amofrey Concept

Her father was an elf from the Ta-Onarafel kingdom, and her mother was a human from the city of Havenmoore. Fleeing the fallen kingdom her father ended up in Havenmoore, meeting and falling in love with her mother, then having Amofrey as an only child. The citizens of Havenmoore were very judging and borderline racist against Amofrey and her family for being 'mixed-race'. Tensions rose over the subsequent decades of Amofrey's life, resulting in their family taking part in a small protest pushing for equal say and respect for all such families. The protest turned violent and Amofrey's parents were killed. Being the product of such 'illegitimate' love, Amofrey was drowned in the nearby lake just west of Havenmoore. The townsfolk left her there under the waters, and within a few hours her body washed ashore and was found by the wandering Wizard Bylkren. Bylkren used his necromantic magics to bring Amofrey back to life, and in doing so, bestowed a breath of magic in her, turning her from a common townsperson into a magic user. She then trained briefly under Bylkren before he mysteriously and abruptly kicked her out of his wandering mountain and left her outside Grey's Keep.

Played by Josh:

John Stormwind

At A Glance:

  • Human
  • Ranger
  • Grizzled old man, yet only ~45yr old
    John Concept

John was born in a cabin in the woods outside of Falworth. His mother was not around from his very early childhood, so he was primarily raised by his father. He becomes friends with a dwarve as he grows up and they both get drafted briefly into the military of Ardenia. They fight a brief war against Urshock, the Orc Kingdom. Wherein his dwarven best friend was murdered brutally by an orc, resulting in his fairly deep seated hatred of orcs. After that battle his duty was finished and he moved back to his cabin. His father passed of old age, and John moves to selling pelts in Falworth to make ends meet. While in Falworth he spends time in a local tavern every time he sells some pelts, and starts to fall for one of the serving girls, named Grace. However someone else also had eyes for Grace. A military General who thought he could claim Grace instead of win her. John eventually won her over, and convinced her to marry him and move into his cabin where he could take her away from the dangers of city life. The General felt extremely personally insulted by this. Time passes, Grace becomes pregnant, and while John is in Falworth he is arrested on bogus charges, and thrown in jail. He begins to suspect The General had a hand in this plot, and decides shortly to break out and in doing so, accidentally kills a guard and causes all sorts of trouble on his way back out of town. When he finally arrives back at his cabin he finds his home burned to the ground, and the body of his wife and unborn child among the wreckage. Vowing revenge, he hunts down the party responsible, tracking them to a cave near the outskirts of Falworth. He sets up traps and fights his way through most of the cronies, however he sustains a pretty terrible beating along the way. The General gets a lucky shot off with a bow and the arrow pierces his right arm making it useless, and ruining his strong abilities with a bow. In desperation, John charges The General and through a tough scrap, manages to beat him. In pure catharsis he executes the general in the name of his Wife and unborn child. Broken and nearly dead he stumbles to a road, and luckily a dwarven merchant comes along, and John gains passage on his wagon, heading somewhat secretly, towards Korim, and medical help.

Played by Brian:

Alben Perric

At A Glance:

  • Half Elf (Drow/Human)
  • Fighter
  • Extremely studious
  • Chose to be a fighter recently
  • Only has a 2 Strength stat (not +2, two.)
    Alben Concept

Alben's father was a human that was captured and made into a sort of slave to the drow in the kingdom of Dar-Daïthar. A drow woman fell for this slave and purchased him to be her husband. They had Alben and began to raise him in a traditionally evil Drow way. However when Alben was about 5 years old, the humans of the Ban Turr Steppe attacked the town where Alben and his parent resided, resulting in the death of his parents and the destruction of his town. Alben fled along with those left from his town, across The Maw and into the upper duergar kingdom of Ull'Vol. Alben was raised by a duergar family named Warmgranite and became best friends with his 'sibling' Yarraec Warmgranite. They grew up together, Yarraec becoming more of a strong dwarven fighter type, and Alben keeping his head in the books. However when it was time to figure out a path forward in life, Yarraec wanted to join the life long military service. Alben did exactly that for lack of any better options. During training, the less peaceful half of the duergar kingdom, Ull'Vok, attacked, and the two trainees were dragged into the civil war. During the battle Yarraec was killed right in front of Alben's eyes. After the battle, Alben just couldn't bring himself to be a part of the society that he clearly didn't belong to, especially now that his only real link to it was dead. He petitioned the duergar council of Ull'Vol to let him wander the world and bring back information, technique, and strategies to help them shore up the defenses of Ull'Vol so this couldn't happen again. They agreed, on one condition, he would have to check in at least once every 6 months, or be labelled a deserter and feel the full wrath of the Ull'Vol. He decides first to change his lifestyle (re:class) to a fighter, and secondly head towards Korim, to spread Yarraec's ashes among the place he always wanted to go, and hopefully close that chapter of his life for good.

Session #1

Played: Oct. 3rd 2016

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  1. Seth Howell's App/New Document {COMING SOON} ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

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